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Hot/Cold Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap -Soothing Herbal Aromatherapy at Home

Hot/Cold Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap -Soothing Herbal Aromatherapy at Home

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Do you have discomfort in the neck and shoulders?

Do you want to ease muscle knots and reduce muscle tension?

Are you tired of spending so much money on spa and wellness centers?

goodbye to your shoulder, neck, and back discomfort with our Hot/Cold Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap! This weighted neck and shoulder wrap adapts to the curvature of your shoulders. It contains beads that evenly distribute the proper amount of weight across your shoulders.

How Does It Work?
the weighted neck and shoulder wrap across your shoulder. The weight hugging your shoulders has a calming, massaging effect. It gives you the best of the world by combining weighted pressure with heat or cold therapy.

How to Use?
Heat Therapy:
Warm the wrap for one minute in a clean microwave. Until the appropriate temperature is attained, rotate and heat further every 30 seconds. The wrap should feel cosy but not hot.

Cold Therapy: Before using the wrap, place it in the freezer for at least two hours after sealing it in a plastic bag.

Key Benefits:

✔️ Soothes Discomfort & Reduces Muscle Tension

✔️ Provides Feeling of Pressure Relief

✔️ Relieves Stress, Anxiety, & Fatigue

✔️ Boosts Blood Circulation

✔️ Promotes Comfort & Relaxation

✔️ Offers Deep Pressure, Massaging Effects

✔️ Helps Improve your Overall Health & Well-Being

✔️ With Easy to Use & Apply Design

✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Package List:
1 x Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Our weighted neck and shoulder wrap is backed by our company’s 30-day money-back warranty, so your satisfaction is always guaranteed. This is to ensure that you get the best products possible. However, this warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

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